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Posted by Julie Benner on October 30, 2013 at 4:10 PM

I am quite excited to say that I have finally successfully sculpted some wolves! It took me a while and several false starts before I got three pieces that pleased me. For some reason, red foxes come fairly easily to me, (see Red Fox, Napping Fox, and More Brooches) but wolves were a different story. Foxes are somewhat cat-like and flexible, and they like to strike cute, sculptable poses, such as curled up in a furry ball, or sitting daintily with their tails wrapped around their legs. This is in strong contrast to wolves, who in most of the pictures I've seen, stand stiffly on their long, difficult-to-sculpt legs, glaring balefully at the photographers. I was determined, however, and started with a young black wolf in a sitting position. He came out well, his amber eyes contrasting nicely with his dark fur.


 I wanted to try a fully mature wolf next, and decided he would be in a relaxed, resting postion, with silvery gray fur this time. I was happy with the result of this sculpture, after quite a bit of work to get it right.

The last wolf in this trio is a silvery white wolf, lying down with her head up, alert and watchful. She was a challenge to sculpt and also took some time to get right. But she was worth the work, and I am happy with all three of these wolves.

Categories: Animals and Birds, Figurines

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