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More Dragons

Posted by Julie Benner on March 28, 2013 at 2:35 PM

I really enjoyed sculpting my turquoise dragon pendants. I have been trying for a while to sculpt dragons figurines in the round, but so far I haven't been pleased with the way they turned out, as my sculpting style uses more carving away clay than adding pieces such as legs and wings. With the dragon pendants, however, I think I've hit on something interesting.


These pendants are stylized rather than realistic. I wanted to try some more in a different color scheme, and immediately visualized the red color of carved cinnabar -- perfect for a dragon! Here is the first red dragon pendant I have finished. It resembles cinnabar, but has more of a golden sheen to it than the coral red of cinnabar. I plan to work some more with this technique as soon as I can. This dragon pendant is now in my" target="_blank">Etsy shop.

Categories: Fantasy Creatures, Stone Look / Faux Stone, Pendants and Charms

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